Beth & Mark {Perrysburg, OH Wedding}

Beth & Mark were married in one of the most lovely nature settings I've seen, surrounded by friends and family from all over the country who came to celebrate the covenant they were stepping into. The spark between them began on a missions trip to Haiti, and as time passed, they both grew to love each other's hearts. Mark is the kind of person you always want to be around. Not only will he have you in stitches with his endless reservoir of jokes, but he'll be there to be a friend to anyone who needs one with kindness, compassion and strength. Beth has a pure heart that sees beauty in people and things all around her. When she speaks, it is with wisdom and dignity, and an undeniable warmth surrounds her and touches those she knows. Getting to celebrate with Mark & Beth on the day they became one was so dear to my heart. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Stratmann! I wish you both the most joyful, adventurous and beautiful future together!