Allison & Bo {Pensacola, FL Destination Wedding}

Soft beach breezes. White sand. Clear blue water. A boat they'll soon call home. Friends and family from all over the country who came to celebrate alongside them. A three day weekend full of festivities that fostered lots of laughter and made priceless memories. Allison & Bo's Pensacola destination wedding was full of all things unique. And deeper, I can't stop thinking about all the love, honor and spirit that filled their day, and all the blessings their friends and family poured on them-- it looked a lot like heaven. Allison & Bo are an incredible couple. Spend 5 minutes with Allison and you'll be inspired that you, too, can change the world. She loves without condition, gives fiercely for all she cares about, and doesn't quit. Bo is one of the most genuine people I've had the honor of meeting. Qualities like integrity, character, and a pure heart are his to embody. Together as a newly married couple, they're about to embark on a trek around the world on their boat. Yes. On their boat. On the ocean. Adventure is out there! My deepest congratulations to the Cordles, and to all of their family members who just gained the blessings in a new son and daughter! Truly-- I just cannot wait to see what your futures hold, Allison & Bo!