Julie & Michael {Newport Beach, CA Wedding}

When Michael & Julie saw each other for the first time on their wedding day, they stood on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, her veil lightly blowing in the wind and his heart beating out of his chest (as he shared later). And when they officially became husband and wife, they stood on a boat that sailed the Pacific Ocean, hand in hand, with family and friends on every side. The ocean is a place where the depths are unfathomable and the expansive is breathtaking, the beauty is unparalleled and anyone who embarks out on it is in for adventure. I love that Julie & Michael chose to start their lives together surrounded by an ocean which is all of these things. Julie & Michael, may your love mirror the place you became one: growing ever deep and surprising you with moments that take your breath away, unparalleled in beauty, honesty and grace, and may your journey with each other be your greatest adventure yet. From the bottom of my heart, congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Cox~

Make Up : Greg Velasquez

Hair : Mariah Jones

Ceremony Archway : Sarah Hall

Florals : Pamela Lowe

Cookies : Sweet Stix

Cake : Rossmoor Pastries

Day-of Coordination : Cortney Helaine Clifford

Photography : Kimberly Daniels Photography

Special thanks to Shauna Couri for second shooting!!