About Me

Hi, I'm Kim.


I'm a wedding and portrait photographer based out of both Orange County, California and Fort Worth, Texas. (Ask me about how that works!) I absolutely love what I get to do. Freezing love, light and life in photographs fuels me.

I love my family. Friends. My pup Cleon. Africa & Thailand. Collecting quotes. Movies that move me. The ocean. Yosemite National Park. My Grandpa. Road trips. Rain that lasts all day. Tetris (the original NES). TED Talks. Singing. Exploring. And hope.

I love people. And I love photography.

Giving my couples artful images that they will treasure, albums they would run back into a burning house to save, and memories that will bring joy in the blissful times & strength in the trying times is a priority to me. Being invited into such special moments is an honor.

On your wedding day, the flowers will be beautiful, the dress will be stunning, the food will be delicious and the details you've worked so hard on will be unique… But above all of that, this is the day you marry the love of your life. You'll be surrounded by family and friends who love and support you. You'll promise to love, honor and cherish. Your wedding photographer is an important decision, because it's not just the vows... Or the dance. Or the poses. Those are important. But it's the moments in between. The unplanned and uncontrived moments are often the ones you'll treasure the most.

My goal is always to do more than take pictures that are exposed properly and composed creatively. It's to have eyes to see who you are as a couple, and through every image, tell the story of the season in your lives that you two became one.

Getting to work with you on your wedding day is about so much more than photojournalism. It's about sharing in the things and people that you love. It's an incredible honor to get to be a part of. I hope I get the opportunity to tell your story!