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Jennie & Mike {Santa Ana, CA Wedding}

I absolutely loved Jennie & Mike's day. They're wonderful together. And you couldn't have asked for a more supportive (and fun!) group of family and friends to celebrate with. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Waltner ~ Wishing you both so much love, wonder & joy in the years to come ~

Jennifer Mike GALS 1.jpg
Jennifer Mike GALS 2.jpg
Jennifer Mike GALS 3.jpg
Jennifer Mike GALS 4.jpg
Jennifer Mike GALS 5.jpg
Jennifer Mike GALS 6.jpg
Jennifer Mike Guys 1.jpg
Jennifer Mike Guys 2.jpg
Jennifer Mike Guys 4.jpg
Jennifer Mike Guys 3.jpg
Jennifer Mike Ceremony 1.jpg
Jennifer Mike Ceremony 2.jpg
Jennifer Mike Ceremony 3.jpg
Jennifer Mike Ceremony 4.jpg
Jennifer Mike Ceremony 5.jpg
Jennifer Mike Ceremony 6.jpg
Jennifer Mike Ceremony 7.jpg
Jennifer Mike Ceremony 8.jpg
Jennifer Mike Bridal Party 1.jpg
Jennifer Mike Bridal Party 2.jpg
Jennifer Mike Bridal Party 3.jpg
Jennifer Mike Bridal Party 4.jpg
Jennifer Mike Bridal Party 5.jpg
Jennifer Mike Portraits 4.jpg
Jennifer Mike Portraits 2.jpg
Jennifer Mike Portraits 3.jpg
Jennifer Mike Portraits 1.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 1.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 2.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 3.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 4.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 10.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 7.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 9.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 11.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 12.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 13.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 6.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 5.jpg
Jennifer Mike Reception 8.jpg

Crescenda & Michael {Boerne, TX Wedding}

So much love for Crescenda & Michael, and for the stunning day they joined their forevers. Their hearts are gold. Congratulations and every bit of life's best to you, Mr. & Mrs. Uhles~

Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 1.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 2.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 3.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 4.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 23.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 5.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 6.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 8.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 7.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 9.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 12.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 11.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 13.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 15.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 17.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 11.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 19.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 21.jpg
Gals Precermony CrescendaMicahel 21.jpg
CrescendaMichaelGuys 1.jpg
CrescendaMichaelGuys 2.jpg
CrescendaMichaelGuys 3.jpg
CrescendaMichaelGuys 4.jpg
CrescendaMichaelGuys 5.jpg
CrescendaMichaelGuys 6.jpg
CrescendaMichaelGuys 7.jpg
CrescendaMichaelGuys 8.jpg
CrescendaMichaelCeremony 1.jpg
CrescendaMichaelCeremony 2.jpg
CrescendaMichaelCeremony 3.jpg
CrescendaMichaelCeremony 4.jpg
CrescendaMichaelCeremony 7.jpg
CrescendaMichaelCeremony 6.jpg
CrescendaMichaelCeremony 5.jpg
CrescendaMichaelCeremony 8.jpg
CrescendaMichaelCeremony 9.jpg
CrescendaMichaelCeremony 10.jpg
CrescendaMichaelBridalParty 2.jpg
CrescendaMichaelBridalParty 1.jpg
CrescendaMichaelBridalParty 3.jpg
CresecendaMichaelCouplePortraits 1.jpg
CresecendaMichaelCouplePortraits 2.jpg
CresecendaMichaelCouplePortraits 4.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 1.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 2.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 3.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 11.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 4.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 5.jpg
CresecendaMichaelCouplePortraits 3.jpg
CresecendaMichaelCouplePortraits 6.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 9.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 6.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 7.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 8.jpg
CrescendaMichaelReception 10.jpg