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Katy & Corey {Malibu, CA Wedding}

Such an honor to have been a part of Katy & Corey's special day with their crew of family and friends. What an incredible celebration of their love and friendship, and a beautiful start to 2018! Cheers, Mr. & Mrs. Siegel! #siegelstakeflight

KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 1.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 2.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 3.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 4.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 5.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 6.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 7.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 8.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 9.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 10.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 11.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 12.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 13.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 14.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 17.jpg
KatyCorey Gals PreCeremony 15.jpg
KatyCorey GuysPreCeremony 1.jpg
KatyCorey GuysPreCeremony 2.jpg
KatyCorey GuysPreCeremony 3.jpg
KatyCorey GuysPreCeremony 4.jpg
KatyCorey GuysPreCeremony 8.jpg
KatyCorey GuysPreCeremony 5.jpg
KatyCorey GuysPreCeremony 6.jpg
KatyCorey GuysPreCeremony 7.jpg
KatyCorey GuysPreCeremony 9.jpg
KatyCoreyCouples 1.jpg
KatyCoreyCouples 2.jpg
KatyCoreyCouples 3.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 1.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 2.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 3.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 4.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 5.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 6.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 7.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 8.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 9.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 10.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 11.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 12.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 13.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 14.jpg
KatyCoreyCeremony 15.jpg
KatyCoreyBridalParty 5.jpg
KatyCoreyBridalParty 1.jpg
KatyCoreyBridalParty 2.jpg
KatyCoreyBridalParty 3.jpg
KatyCoreyBridalParty 4.jpg
KatyCoreyBridalParty 6.jpg
KatyCoreyCouples 6.jpg
KatyCoreyCouples 8.jpg
KatyCoreyCouples 8.jpg
KatyCoreyCouples 5.jpg
KatyCoreyCouples 11.jpg
KatyCoreyCouples 5.jpg
KatyCoreyCouples 9.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 1.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 2.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 3.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 4.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 5.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 6.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 11.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 10.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 9.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 12.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 13.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 7.jpg
KatyCoreyReception 8.jpg

Brittany & Matthew {San Marcos, CA Wedding}

Loved being a part of this very special couple's day. It simply couldn't have been more beautiful -- so much elegance and grace, love and joy. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Dunlevie ~

Venue: Green Gables Estates

Bride's Hair & Make-Up: Kate Bosch 

Bridesmaids' Hair & Make-Up: Amber Payne @beautyis.payne

Dessert & Cake: Green Gables Estate

Flowers: Rose White

DJ: Will Chitwood

Videography: Matthew Heisler

Photography: Kimberly Daniels Photography

Special thanks to Jenny Telfer for second shooting!